Thursday, 17 January 2013

Henry Rollins Email

Result!  I decided to seek Henry Rollin's opinion of Vans the brand:

Not quite what I was expecting!

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  1. The premise of this film was very unique in the fact that the characters involved in the movie were forced to live life in constant fear of making noise in the high possibility that seemingly unstoppable, unknown creatures would kill them. In fact, the driving force of the movie was silence in general; almost making it an actual character in its own right. Happy death day

    The movie also focuses on the characters and their interactions with each other throughout this dangerous post-apocalyptic world of theirs. They had to change their daily routines like walking barefoot everywhere, and using sand to muffle their movements as they move throughout the environments around them. And since they are unable to speak, the actors rely primarily on facial expressions and body posture to tell their stories, and I feel that they greatly succeeded in this. watch rampage full movie online free

    Some aspects of the film did seem to be unexplained like how they were able to provide electricity for themselves (whether or not they used a generator or not, and if so, was it being stored in a sound proof area?), how the creatures were able to get to the characters within a minute of making a noise (they lived in a large wooded area with miles of foliage around them, but the creatures would always be within a few hundred yards of them to get their so quickly), and where the creatures came from. The last one I did not mind at all though however since it was left for audience speculation and it forced the movie to focus on the characters instead of the creatures. the devil's candy release date

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    The biggest thing I enjoyed though was the films expert usage of suspense. Good horror/thriller films will use suspense to build tension in an audience member and give a release of that tension in the form of a scare. But this film would demonstrate scenes where tension would be built, but then nothing, or barely anything, would happen. But then soon afterword there would be an immediate action that would occur, and the movie used this technique infrequently. This made it more difficult to tell when something would happen, and it ensured there was not a traditional formula being used.

    Overall, A Quiet Place was a lot of fun to watch and the entire time throughout I and everyone around me would be very tense to the point where you could hear the slightest cough or whisper from a few rows away.