Thursday, 26 April 2012


Yasmin Coggins - G06

Link to Dissertation proposal form

Enthusiasm for the subject!!
Practice relevant

G23 Academic support Frances Gosling for everyone

Academic writing course x3 Next week sign up G23

On Moodle - Cross college - Level 6 Dissertation

Jill Fernie-Clark

Gather huge amount of research on that topic.  Argue for a particular point of view.  Analytical
In depth narrow topic research.

Start choosing your area of interest......Can be something practical.

6000-8000 words

Deadline Thursday 14th February 2013 4pm

Breadth of sources - films, exhibitions, books, web, newspapers, journals.
How you have selected evidence 
Academic quality - 

Lectures about doing dissertations -optional attendance on Level 6

Get John Storey out of library
Google scholar

Write /email people to gather research/opinions

British Library Catalogue

Proposal form submission Thursday 7 June 2012 4pm

Working title - can change include key concepts as Tutors choose on this basis

Issues / questions to be addresses - what questions need answering.

Method/approach - Analysis -Do need a perspective/theory such as Marixist, theoretical socialogical, semiotics, psychological, 

Primary sources of information - exhibitions., interviews, 

Books etc

Relevance to main area of study

refer to 2011/12 feedback after submission

Perceived problems /difficulties

Will receive feedback from tutors by August.

Dissertations in the library - research these.