Sunday, 8 January 2012

Critical research - Culture and Design

Barnard, M (2005) Graphic Design as communication, Oxon Routledge
Use Barnards arguments to support idea that Album artwork is culturally significant.

'Architecture or oil painting is commonly thought of as being more expressive of an age or a culture than packaging or town signage.  This section will show that this argument is false and that graphic design can be every bit as significant as fine art' P166

He uses Heller & Pomeroy Design Literacy and Berger's ways of seeing to support his arguments.

Also page 175-6 he discusses Benjamin and Aura.  ' One of the consequences of these ideas for graphic design and communication is that, with the move from ritual to exhibition, from aura to reproduction, it has become possible for the consumption of the image to become active rather than passive, progressive rather than reactionary (1992:227).  meaning is no longer tied to or derived from tradition , but may now be encountered and contested by the viewer in in their own 'situation

Hebdige,Dick(1998) Hiding in the light. London. Routledge

Rock against racism and Two tone were vital strategies aimed at working in and on the popular.RAR....extraordinarily successful in mobilising a popular front to counter the threatened resurgence in the late 1970's of racist political parties.
The 'Band aid debate

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