Sunday, 18 November 2012

Primary research Photographer Glen E Friedman

I contacted as may people as I could who were associated with the early Skateboarding 70's subculture.  One such person was Glen E Friedman who was a  young photographer at the time who hung around with the Zephyr team and Stecyk.

I sent him an email via his website:

An started an email conversation which almost turned into a Skype conversation from New York!

This is a link to his website burningflags.  He is heavily involved with The Occupy Movement such an interesting guy!  This is is blog

This really confirms the direction that my research had taken me i.e. that the subculture started the relationship with Vans and it was the photographs in Skateboorder which really introduced the rest of the world to Vans.  Before Vans started directly marketing Skateboarder shoes.

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