Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dissertation tutorial

I discussed what I had discovered about Vans in terms of its history from the 60's to present day.  My initial proposal was trying to pin down why young people buy into the brand today.
I think the key points in their history is

60's - 70's A customised brand - Made on your doorstep.   Skateboarders started wearing Vans and Vnas customised them in 76 so more hard wearing 'Off the wall'

80' Mass culture through Hollywood movie Fast times - Global brand

90's/ 2000 US American apparel owned, made in Asia, mainly Vietnam.  Brand built on USA 66 sufer dude culture.  Targeting youth culture.

Chapter structure could be:

1. 60's/70's history of brand and sub cultural theorird- Hebdidge-looking for authentic symbols

2. 80's Identity in mas culture - Adorno - Culture Industry - plugging, psedo-indivdualism, N Klein No Logo.  Hebdidge Incorporation - Crtical approach

3. Post modern - Contemorary , identity fluid, neo tribes,  Acticely consume to create meaning.
Baudrillard - Building on USA Branding made in Vietnam - Hyperality created by branding?


Complete an extended essay plan
Start drafting chapter one

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