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Lecture 12 - Globalisation, Sustainability & the media

Youtube Confronting Current

Stanford Encyplodia is a good reference point for dissertation

In this new world its not so much a shared culture but more an Americanisation of all cultures. The values and processes of American capitalist businesses dominate the world.   Macdonaldisation Impos 'Macjob' menial work broken down to task

Thought of the Guru of media theory. 1960's foretold the impact of the radio.  New technologies extend our own senses and allows us to see and hear further. Communication extends the senses.  We can see events on a Global scale.

Marshall Machluan came up with the:

The world shrinks and everyone is interconnected.  His theory has not happened even though we can see almost immediately as things happen.  The media has almost de-sentizied us to war and violence.

This has not happened we are still an Individualist society.

If anything we are actually moving further away from Individualism and unification as America spreads Capitalism both financially and through land and oil grabbing.  No an Anti-Capitalist ideology emerging

Who controls the Global system and why should they control?
Do we loose National Identity and heritage?

A short introduction books

Every culture in the world is trying to live up to the values of certain Western cities

Forcing ou culture on other people  Media theorists Schiller/Chomsky.

The mass media is the vehicle for Western cultural imperialism.
Increasingly the Global village is not unified but instead are being take over by western culture done through the Media.

Media is a Powerful weapon.  The idea that the Media is free and unstructured is rubbish as every organisation are part of Mass Media Oligopolies 

Everything can be traced back to one of six companies.
EG Time Warner is the largest own Companies all over the world incl cinemas, internet technology, magazines, Bable TV, Warner Brothers, CNN factual news. All these disparate elements are conrolled by one CEO... One way of thinking about the world an American capitalist value thinking.

The way it is spread is uneven.  The Media divide the world into categories of important focus on where they can make money.  The interests of North America are focussed on the most.

The free market is rigged aroun the inerests of capital

Schiller -  A new form of American Imperialism forced onto countries who cant really afford.

Big brother a western style with a particular set of value that being a celebrity its desirable and achievable through no talent or hard work.  Pushed oto otehr countries and these country think they should like it because they are popular in western country.  
Western Sitcoms, Sopa operas, internet, media  - the effect of this is Cultural Assimilation.  Highest selling product is skin lightening scream! 

This media system is a giant system of propaganda for Western capitalism Noam Chomsky
Make people agree with the Social system we have ' false consciousness',

The News is far from factual and without an agenda but is biased.
The BBC have their own manifesto saying they are neutral however they are not.
'Misleading' and subjective
Funding - 
Sourcing where they get their info.
Communism had just fallen in the eighties.  A lot of news stories showed communism as flawed.

Influences governments 'The Sun wins elections'
News of the World is now The Sun on Sunday.

Rupert Murdoch owns a large percentage of the nwe s info in this country and also other countries.

11.7 million people reached through TV
So he can set the agenda
News stories are not aired if they dont reflect his interests.  He wont put anything positive out about the Labour party 

The information we receiving through the news is only as good as the events that they are allowed to report.   The Government gives press confrences but this is only a mall view of what is really going on. 

Media/TV Corps funded by advertising so need to keep large co happy.

Business and Political pressure groups effect the tone of what the media says.

Globate Climate Coalition control the Media coverage of Climate change. 

You Tube Global Warming - Energy
You Tube Global Warming - Glaciers

The news is used to demonising other ideology to legitimise our ideology

The Media is a powerful vehicle dominated by US capital.  Activists are trying to work within it to push our agenda.  You Tube.
Al Gore says it is a moral issue not political - this film is political.  His solution is to release less CO@

The two countries who  refuse to be carbon neutral - eg US and China.  they create the most polution in the world.  Kyto tried to limit the amount of Carbon emission per country but you were allowed to trade these limits. 

The solution  to the problem created by capitalism to to buy more things?

A definition of sustainabilty

Sustainability and growth are a contradiction.

Example of a failed Sustainable capital venture 

More expensive to produce.  Massive factory to produce the biodesel built in poorest area of Hamilton. Next to communities rivers and air was polluted by the process.

The environment is a serious issue.  So companies are now buying into this to make more money.  They use the media to give themselves as a caring company 

MacdonAlds rebrand from red to green was done to make themesleves look greener
'Eco boost' less polluting no difference just a marketing tool.

a sustainable system/saving the planet is impossible under a Capitalist system.

Environmentalists see that they can save the planet but keep the system as is.

Ecologism the deep green movements believe that we can only save the planet by overthrowing the whole system.

Media appartus' facilatate this

The Internet, going back to Macluhan, has brought peope together.  tweeter is used directly to combat the 'spin' in the media.  So 'Control' and 'Sourcing' is not an issue for the Inetrnet.  Activists are mobilising

Even in Amercia there are visible signs of opposition.  the Occupy movement started in US.  We are the 99 percenters.

Global resistence.  TheMedia is a system is a system we can use for our own ends.

Street art at Occupy.

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