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Lecture 9 Censorship and truth

Notions of censorship and truth
The indexical qualities of photography in rendering truth
Photographic manipulation and the documentation of truth
Censorship in advertising
Censorship in art

Ansel Adams Moonrise Hernandes New Mexico c1941-2

Indexical photography - the camera never lies?  Documentary

Manipulation - improve?
Analogue photography - the film/negative is the 'original'
Digital - original is the code
So this image on the face of it should not be manipulated but Ansel Adams did.  Truth in photography as been questionable for some time 
is the magic the composition, the context, the time of day or is it the printing and techniques used.

Ansel Adams Moon over half dome 1960

Is the quality in the process or the composition

Ansel Adams Aspens

Made countless reproductions from the same negative and then used processes to connote different times of day and different weather.

1992 Age of Propaganda:  The everyday use and abuse of persuasion 

Stalin with and without Nikolei Yezhov - doctored images
Stalin with and withou Trotsky

The government only wants to you see a certain type of truth,

World trade centre - doctored image  Flight Simulator and Expedia, Gap and Evian
Doctored advertising

GQ Kate Winslet with elongated legs from Photoshop  Feb 2000

Photograph from the Gulf War two images put together - sell papers

Reutors - they depend on use of authentic images so sacked one of their photographers for photo manipluation.

Anything documenting a truth such as newspaper is more serious

Robert Capa, Death of a Loyalist Soldier 1936 - Questioned whether it is a soldier being shot in battle.  As since been proved authentic.

Elliot Aronson in Pratkanis and Aronson 1992 Age of propaganda

Caption from VUE which accompanied the Robert Capa image.  Is the truth coloured by the caption?  Suggests a certain way of thinking.

Quote Tom L Beauchamp - about advertising but can be applied to thisimage

The unseen Gulf War By Peter Turnley 1991 book
Jean Baudrillard- Simulcra and Simulations quote

1.  It is a reflection of realitry


Peter Turnley quote
The US and allied troops had a pool of photographers.  These were approved and the media had to but these images.

The mile of death - 25 -26th February 

Jean Baudrillard ' It is a masquerade
Wrote a book that the Gulf War did not take place 1995 - inferring that the representations were a simulation of war , a media event, distance from it, Not that it actually did not take place.

 Does a photo being black and white make it more real?

Quote Radio Islam

Is it the duty of the photojournalist to document these ‘realities’ Is it the gritty realism? Or

An-My Le Small Wars – An arty representation of war?
Does it glamorise war?

 Theodore Levitt- quite cynical view.  IS advertising trying to sell you a product or a way of life
Is it indicative of the viewer's mind rather than advertising manipluation

 Photographer who built his career on images that shock - Challenging people's perception not looking to sell the Bennetton clothes.

 The ASA receive complaints and they get the company to remove the advert however it does not have that much power.
 Provokes questions about Racism - ASA response was it was reasonable thought provoking

 Stephen Meisel advert on a billboard.  To overtly sexualised.

 Both as suggestive as each other?
 Certain journalist referred back to this Venus son his kissing her and touching her nipple.  Acceptable because greek mythology and in National gallery?
 Is it ok to look at young girls, even clothed, because thet are paintings
Record cover with fourteen year old girl naked on a cover

Looks at censorship of fine art and the media.  Much of the Postmodern art world is embracing the Kitsch world.  She talks about the Miller Test.  When does a piece of art beacome offensive and obscene.   

We tend to accept works of painted art as art however when the media is photography it raises more questions.   

 Is this depicting a sexualised image - as these were her own children is it acceptable - do the children ahve the right to respond against it.

 No photographic education, was a Fashion model.  Documented her children growing up.  Saachi I am a camera exhibition.  Large scale.  Is it ok to promote as art?

 Niave and was shocked that people see any harm in these photographs.  Untrained

 Was really controvertial - police called in.  Is it the use of the masks which make the photos more sinister - leaves open to a wider intepretation.

Deemed obscene , investigated and removed from the exhibition. Going beyond what society expects in a art gallery or should art viewers be allowed the choice? 

Child actress Brooke Shiled.  Photograph taken for Sugar and Spice ( offshoot of Playboy) Her mother scantioned the photographs.  Then Richard Prince doctored image - questioning American values.

 Due to be exhibited at the Tate Modern. Investigated by Police.  Is it ok to view in an Intellectual space.

Brooke Shields was horrified that her mother had allowed this and as an adult she understood about the gaze.  IS she playing in the perceptions about how men view women?

 Should we be able to see the Graphic images.  Does the designation 'Artist' give you cart blanche?

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